Electric micro grids constitute a leading energetic solution that offers better quality, continuity and economic efficiency of the service. These incorporate different renewable resources along with an energy storage and management system and can work connected to the local electric grid as well as autonomously. Electric Micro Grids, together with the Distributed Generation, are the future of the worldwide energetic scenario.

How do electric micro-grids work?

micro redes electricas

The particularity of this kind of system relies on its capacity to store and manage energy so as to  use the most appropriate source in a determined moment, ultimately aiming to reduce costs and optimize supply. For instance, in a community with solar panel facilities, a wind turbine and a local grid connection, during a high radiation high wind speed day the system will use only solar and wind energy and charge the batteries in case of available surplus. At night, when batteries are low in charge, the system will use energy from the local grid. With the electric micro-grids designed by Waira, on grid and diversified facilities can be installed, ensuring a significant and sustained reduction on monthly energetic costs.

In addition, electric micro-grids constitute the ideal solution for rural electrification, using solar and wind energy efficiently to maximize production and improve life quality in remote locations.

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