Our brand Faraday includes electric mobility alternatives.

electric bus

Electric Car

Conversion of light commercial vehicles to electric. The car is equipped with a 15 kW motor, lithium batteries and high-tech electric controllers. Home chargeable, replaces gasoline and offers an economic and pollution-free solution.

electric bus

Electric Bus

This project is in development (2015 – 2017). We are designing and building an electric bus, which will transport between 20 and 25 passengers, including people in wheelchairs. The bus will have a maximum speed of 60 km/h, covering up to 80 km between charges.



Our brand ElectriCITY includes personal-use and recreational products that work with electricity and renewable resources. As a very interesting option for urban mobility, we offer our electric bicycle.

Electric bicycle

Our electric bicycle can cover 60 kilometers spending not more than some cents per charge. The pedaling is assisted by a 250 W electric motor, fed by an incorporated lithium battery. In this way, the bicycle reaches speeds up to 25 kilometers per hour, offering a practical, economic and funny solution of urban mobility against traffic jams.

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