solar drive


A solution that allows costs reductions by integrating solar energy with the grid.

What is it, and how do on grid systems work?

on gryd systems

Our technology allows seamless integration of solar energy with the local grid at domestic or industrial levels. Growatt on-grid inverters transform the energy captured by solar panels in alternating current which perfectly matches to the local grid, reducing consumption during sun hours and assuring the investment´s recovery.

These systems offer many benefits and are seen since the first day of installation

  • Low investment and costs of maintenance: In comparison with off-grid systems, these do not require batteries or long cable arrangements, making them one of the most cost effective systems.
  • Reduction of the electric bill: Once the solar panels and the inverter are installed, the electric energy generated is ready for consumption.
  • Simple system: Few, high quality and durable components are traduced in an effective and efficient system with low space requirements.
  • No lifestyle changes! In case consumption exceeds solar panel production capacity, the electric energy will be provided by the local grid continuously.

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